Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Talking is underrated
I never realized how much I appreciated the ability to communicate by talking until my toddler FINALLY started talking. He is definitely late to start but all of a sudden its like a language explosion is happening. He can repeat just about every word we say these days. He walks around the house now spouting his new words randomly even if they don't have any context to what he's doing. For example, he was watching TV the other morning and was stringing along this sentence of sorts "tree, easy, Uncle Paul, poopy, double wuh (W), B, B, C (ABC), F, F, T, U, V, upside down, sleepy."

This is not only endlessly entertaining, its awesome! I can actually have conversations that aren't all one sided. The tantrums from not being able to communicate clearly have decreased tremendously. But the absolute bestest part about this talking is that now I actually know that he "wuvs" me!!


Anonymous kwisie said...

That is so sweet!

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