Friday, September 19, 2008

I found out this morning that our family is expanding to a family of five.

Someone hold me. Yes, thats me rocking in the corner there.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Got a boogie
I never thought I'd write a post about boogers but I've never been so happy about something so silly. In the last few months I've come to realize that Aiden no longer needs our assistance with boogers. Yes, its a big milestone and I'm so very proud about it.

I'm even happier to report that he is taking care of his own boogies in the adult way. He goes and gets his own tissue or if he can't find them himself he will ask an adult for one. He does not handle it the way I'd assume most kids would, picking it and eating it.

Hooray for another step toward maturity!

Friday, June 20, 2008
You had to be a big shot didn't ya?
A couple more weeks until Billy Joel!! I am so stinkin' excited.

I can not believe my husband got tickets. Its probably going to rank right up there in shows for me. I think one of the best we ever saw was Aerosmith, believe it or not. We had seats right on the side of the stage probably less than ten feet from the stage. That was truly awesome.

I think the best show was when we saw Everclear in a small club. We were maybe 5 people back from the stage and everyone was so into the music. Then at the end of the first set they threw their drumsticks and guitar picks into the audience and a pick hit my eyebrow. A bunch of people scrambled around me to find it but none of us did. Then at the end of the show as we were ready to leave I found it on the floor under my foot. That made the show for me.

They had a great opening band too. They were called Cowboy Mouth. I've been hoping they'd get big because they were pretty terrific.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
The Fit New Me
I've discovered a joy in fitness again. We joined a YMCA recently to do some swim classes for the boys. I checked out the childcare room a few times when we were there and thought, you know what, I'm just going to try this and see how it goes.

Its been over a week now that I've been trying to go every morning that Aiden is at school. So far I only missed one day because of an appointment. But I feel great. Its amazing how good exercise makes you feel. Its always done that for me. I don't know why I get so resistant to it.

Owen is doing pretty good with the seperation. The first day he lasted 30 minutes before they came to get me because he was upset, then 40 minutes, then 45 minutes. Monday he only lasted 20 minutes which was a bummer but today he lasted 40. They said he did really well today. No tears shed. I saw that his favorite caregiver was there today and she gave him some saltines which basically wraps him around your finger. He LOVES crackers.

I hope I can keep up this routine. I've never felt better.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
My mother
The one person in this world that gets my goat.

I'm not sure I can have a conversation with this woman without becoming immediately irritated. I don't know how she does it but she just does. She knows exactly what to say/do to always push my buttons.

She is a big time hypochondriac. Its exhausting. Every conversation with her involves some discussion of her current ailments. She goes to the doctor so often she should have frequent flyer miles. Seriously, if anything were ever to really be wrong with her she would catch it very early because she must have a standing weekly appointment with her doctor.

Also up for conversation - diets. Whatever new fad is popular that is what she is doing. Its a constant yo-yo. I believe its the biggest reason why I have such an unhealthy body image and always over eat/comfort eat. I really don't want to hear about this all the time.

To cap it all off, every conversation consists of the whiney "why don't you come visit me." Wah! The more you ask the less likely it is to happen. You criticize my parenting techniques (not directly usually, just the backhanded commenting) and you have no respect for kids schedules/sleep needs. So not a pleasant way to spend my free time. You understand?

Here is an example of a conversation with my mother. The background, my sister inlaw was in the hospital on bedrest because of issues with her pregnancy. My mother took a day off work to go be with her and called me on the way to see if I would go there too. I told her that the hospital policy doesn't allow for kids to visit. Since I stay home with my kids there really isn't a way for me to go. I don't have a babysitter readily available to me. But she insists that I try to go anyway. Woman, I delivered at that hospital. I know the rules. But I call anyway and I get told no, exactly what I expected. I called my mom to tell her the news:

Me: The nurses said no.
Her: Well that stinks. That is such a stupid policy.
Me: Actually its not. Kids are germy. Its to protect all the new babies and mommas. Plus, hospitals can be germy so it protects my kids from catching anything too.
Her: Well, they better not tell me that I can't see her. I drove all this way.......(starting in on tirade of ridiculousness)
Me: (getting very irritated) MOM! STOP! JUST STOP! Seriously. The policy is no kids. Why on earth would they turn you away? STOP it!

Ridiculous! Right? Just because you act like a child does not in fact mean that they will turn you away from visiting your daughter inlaw due to the no children policy. Yeesh!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Foo Fee
Would you like cream and sugar in your "foo fee" this morning?

Yes, that is just another of the adorable utterances coming from my little Owen. He thinks its so funny when you repeat it back to him. He is really communicating so well lately. This past weekend he went in the kitchen (no one was in there) and he was pointing at the upper cabinet (where the snacks are) and saying "wacker." How can you not give in and give him a cracker? Or every time I open the refrigerator he comes running and pointing to the fruit drawer saying "boobays" because he knows that is where the blueberries are.

Thursday, May 15, 2008
One of those days where you feel like a bad parent
When your child has a tantrum that lasts 45 minutes and they ARE. NOT. HEARING. YOU.

I just lose it. Thankfully I know enough to remove myself from the situation and while he gets a timeout, I do too. You know? Its much needed.

Maybe the fact that I recognize that I need that before the situation gets worse makes me a good parent?

Anyway, this prompted me to finally make that phone call to get myself back into therapy. With a new therapist this time. One that specializes in helping parents of special needs children. I cannot wait for this appointment.

One thing Aiden's psychologist had me do that has helped me tremendously is write down all the things my child does that get to me or make me feel angry/upset/losing it. He said after you write them down think about them and how you react to them. Think about the behaviors and realize if they're normal toddler behavior that comes with the territory or something that we can help Aiden with in session. Amazingly, it really worked. Writing them down and thinking about them when not in the moment helped me recognize what about the behavior bothered me so much and how to better deal with it myself and with him. I suggest this to all parents whether your child is special needs or not.