Saturday, September 08, 2007
Toddlers are funny
Today the four of us were laying around hanging out before nap time. Daddy was laying on the floor and his shirt was half up. Aiden looks at his belly and says "Boobie. See Mommy's boobie." I started laughing so hard that I cried. Daddy just chuckles and says "Thats not a boobie. Thats my belly button. Silly."

Both boys have been really good lately. Owen has started sleeping through the night pretty consistently. This morning both boys slept until 7:30. That is freaking awesome. They both went to bed by 7:30 the night before. Maybe not putting them to bed so late like we'd been getting into the habit of doing is what ensures good sleep for all.

Not much to report. I'm just happy and things are good.


Blogger Vid Digger said...

My kids sometimes tell me that I have boobies, but mommies is always bigger.

One day I'll show them!

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