Tuesday, May 13, 2008
The one unexpected thing to come out of this diagnosis has been the networking I've done.

Its like we've been given a pass to a whole new social setting. I'm meeting other mothers dealing with similar issues. We're discussing our doctors, therapists, and diets. I'm being asked for playdates more since our diagnosis than in our entire first two and a half years.

One mother lives very close to me. Her child has the same diagnosis but PDD is such a broad category that her child's issues aren't exactly the same as Aiden's. I find her the easiest to relate to. We both are feeling the same rollercoaster of emotions. I hit it off really well with another mother at pickup from preschool yesterday. She is taking her child for the first time to see the same psychologist we see. I can't wait to find out how it went. Aiden really seems to be interested in her child, more than any other child, so far. I really think playdates with him will be a good thing.

I find that sometimes I wonder if the behavior Aiden is exhibiting now are just him being 3 or because of his PDD. I've been told by specialists that you shouldn't be watching your child trying to figure out if he is normal or not at every moment because it will drive you crazy and it isn't fair to your child. Its hard sometimes because right after we found out, he turned into a fire breathing, head spinning, monster child. Every day is a test in patience, which I don't have a large supply of. I can't help but always wonder if the PDD is making it harder than it would be otherwise. Sometimes yes, but probably sometimes no.


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