Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Happy New Year
So its been a long while since I've updated and frankly its just because I haven't felt like sharing anything. Life can be so boring sometimes you wonder, does anyone really want to read about this?

But - time to share again I guess. Its getting to be busy around here again. Aiden is back at school after the holiday break , going two days a week. He'll be done at this school in April and I'm finding it really stressful to find a good interim program for him before he can start pre-school in the fall. But even the thought of that is stressful. The school we love for him is pretty pricey. The other ones in our area are 9 to 11. I just think that is totally not appropriate for pre-school. His school now is 3.5 hours. By the time I do drop off and get home it would be time to go back and get him. Plus, he would just be settling in and getting comfortable when he'd have to go home. Plus, I think eating lunch together is an important part of experiencing/preparing for real school.

Owen is 9 months old now. He still doesn't sleep through the night consistently. Aiden started around 6 months and was consistent by 7 months. This is definitely rough and I'm not sure what I can do about it. I'm dissappointed with the library that I take Owen to for storytime. The children's librarians retired last year and the new ones suck. They aren't as warm and friendly with the kids and they're strict. All the other libraries in the area are starting up their winter storytimes this week (Aiden's starts Thursday) and this one is waiting until March. Yes! March! Idiots.

So now I signed Owen up for one at the library that we go to for Aiden's storytimes but its at a rotten time. Their babies storytimes are 10:10 on Thursdays but its full or 11:10 on Fridays. Aiden goes at 11:10 on Thursdays for the 2-3's session. Owen naps around 10 am until 12-12:30ish. I'm not sure if I should start pushing him to one nap or just skip the storytime all together this season. Should I pack everyone into the car on Thursday morning and drive around so Owen naps but we still get to storytime on time? I like the idea of doing the Friday morning class with Owen because Aiden is at school - we drop off at 9 am and its just around the corner from the library. But I'd have to kill time between drop off and the start of storytime. It doesn't make much sense to drive home. I don't know. I really love the idea of spending that time with just Owen and I. I would be able to really involve him in the session.

Well, those are things on my mind these days. Owen is crawling now. Its a lot more stressful than it was with Aiden. Probably because I didn't have a 2 year old leaving small objects around all the time. Oh and Owen puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Just yesterday I was about to nurse him (a good hour if not more since he'd been playing in the living room) and he had carpet fuzz from the living room carpet in his mouth. The thing sheds like crazy. I am so ready to chuck it but we can't afford a replacement. He also hates baths at the moment so thats fun.

Aiden knows how to spell his name. It floored me when he spelled it out for me. We got some flashcards from my nephew this weekend. He knows all his colors, shapes (ones I don't even know), and counts really well. He can count into the hundreds but gets bored after a while. He has trouble with the transition from 9 - example he'll go twenty-nine, twenty-ten - but you give him thirty and he'll continue on to thirty-ten. lol

Well, thats enough bragging. I'll try to update more often but who am I kidding.


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