Tuesday, May 27, 2008
My mother
The one person in this world that gets my goat.

I'm not sure I can have a conversation with this woman without becoming immediately irritated. I don't know how she does it but she just does. She knows exactly what to say/do to always push my buttons.

She is a big time hypochondriac. Its exhausting. Every conversation with her involves some discussion of her current ailments. She goes to the doctor so often she should have frequent flyer miles. Seriously, if anything were ever to really be wrong with her she would catch it very early because she must have a standing weekly appointment with her doctor.

Also up for conversation - diets. Whatever new fad is popular that is what she is doing. Its a constant yo-yo. I believe its the biggest reason why I have such an unhealthy body image and always over eat/comfort eat. I really don't want to hear about this all the time.

To cap it all off, every conversation consists of the whiney "why don't you come visit me." Wah! The more you ask the less likely it is to happen. You criticize my parenting techniques (not directly usually, just the backhanded commenting) and you have no respect for kids schedules/sleep needs. So not a pleasant way to spend my free time. You understand?

Here is an example of a conversation with my mother. The background, my sister inlaw was in the hospital on bedrest because of issues with her pregnancy. My mother took a day off work to go be with her and called me on the way to see if I would go there too. I told her that the hospital policy doesn't allow for kids to visit. Since I stay home with my kids there really isn't a way for me to go. I don't have a babysitter readily available to me. But she insists that I try to go anyway. Woman, I delivered at that hospital. I know the rules. But I call anyway and I get told no, exactly what I expected. I called my mom to tell her the news:

Me: The nurses said no.
Her: Well that stinks. That is such a stupid policy.
Me: Actually its not. Kids are germy. Its to protect all the new babies and mommas. Plus, hospitals can be germy so it protects my kids from catching anything too.
Her: Well, they better not tell me that I can't see her. I drove all this way.......(starting in on tirade of ridiculousness)
Me: (getting very irritated) MOM! STOP! JUST STOP! Seriously. The policy is no kids. Why on earth would they turn you away? STOP it!

Ridiculous! Right? Just because you act like a child does not in fact mean that they will turn you away from visiting your daughter inlaw due to the no children policy. Yeesh!


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