Thursday, May 15, 2008
One of those days where you feel like a bad parent
When your child has a tantrum that lasts 45 minutes and they ARE. NOT. HEARING. YOU.

I just lose it. Thankfully I know enough to remove myself from the situation and while he gets a timeout, I do too. You know? Its much needed.

Maybe the fact that I recognize that I need that before the situation gets worse makes me a good parent?

Anyway, this prompted me to finally make that phone call to get myself back into therapy. With a new therapist this time. One that specializes in helping parents of special needs children. I cannot wait for this appointment.

One thing Aiden's psychologist had me do that has helped me tremendously is write down all the things my child does that get to me or make me feel angry/upset/losing it. He said after you write them down think about them and how you react to them. Think about the behaviors and realize if they're normal toddler behavior that comes with the territory or something that we can help Aiden with in session. Amazingly, it really worked. Writing them down and thinking about them when not in the moment helped me recognize what about the behavior bothered me so much and how to better deal with it myself and with him. I suggest this to all parents whether your child is special needs or not.


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