Friday, June 20, 2008
You had to be a big shot didn't ya?
A couple more weeks until Billy Joel!! I am so stinkin' excited.

I can not believe my husband got tickets. Its probably going to rank right up there in shows for me. I think one of the best we ever saw was Aerosmith, believe it or not. We had seats right on the side of the stage probably less than ten feet from the stage. That was truly awesome.

I think the best show was when we saw Everclear in a small club. We were maybe 5 people back from the stage and everyone was so into the music. Then at the end of the first set they threw their drumsticks and guitar picks into the audience and a pick hit my eyebrow. A bunch of people scrambled around me to find it but none of us did. Then at the end of the show as we were ready to leave I found it on the floor under my foot. That made the show for me.

They had a great opening band too. They were called Cowboy Mouth. I've been hoping they'd get big because they were pretty terrific.


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