Monday, January 15, 2007
Well hello there
I've been trying to post since after Christmas but it seemed that every time I came on here to try the stupid blogger software was being updated or was down. Anyway, hey, how's it going blog land?

So many things have happened it feels like. Lots of births (Congrats Stacey and Julie!) and pregnancies (Yay Carolyn!). Oh and I'm currently switching OB practices at nearly 30 weeks pregnant. It seems like its not a very smart idea but in the end I think its going to be for the best. I'm so torn because I love my practice but I don't love my hospitals policies so what can you do? I have to do the best thing for me.

I'm really starting to get excited for this baby to get here. It just feels so close now and he is a little step dancer or something in there. He lets me know very clearly that he is there and look out! I know its going to be pretty hard at first and I've got a healthy fear of the first month but I hope he is a somewhat easy baby and we can find a good groove.

So Happy New Year and all that jazz. More posting to come as we get closer to April 1st!