Wednesday, December 20, 2006
I can't wait for Christmas
I had to have my husband stay home today and watch Aiden while I took care of some dental work. He was going to just take a half day but they asked me to come back in the early afternoon for more work so he took a whole day. He said to me when I got back "Now what should I do with my day?"

I just couldn't believe that the thought didn't even cross his mind. How about Christmas shopping?!?! I mean, its the Wednesday before Christmas and you haven't gone shopping even once yet. Hello? Does that not sound like a logical idea? He kind of hemmed and hawed and I said, what? You'd rather go this weekend when its going to be nuts? If it were me, I'd be all over shopping right now, there won't long lines and crowded stores at this time of day, hopefully. But maybe that is just me, since I've been done for over a week with my shopping. I don't procrastinate.

Why am I getting in such a tizzy over this you ask? Well, its because every year since we've been together he does a mighty poor job at shopping for Christmas. I'd never tell him this but the fact is that every year as we open our gifts he apologizes for getting me hardly anything or anything that is thoughtful/good. I am really sick of this routine. I'm done with it. I'd rather he just get me an I.O.U. than spend money on crap. I hate being apologized at on Christmas morning. Its just not pleasant. So you would think that he'd remember that come the next December when its time to do the shopping again. But no, he still procrastinates.

Friday, December 08, 2006
The cutest thing
A couple of weeks ago we decided to do some cleaning in our junk room. This room is going to be Aiden's come January so we really needed to get going on it. I found an old wallet full of credit cards and gave it to Aiden to play with while we cleaned. He loves wallets. Inside he found a picture of my husband and I that we had taken for our engagement. After we were done he brought the picture downstairs with him.

As soon as we got downstairs he immediately ran over to his crib and slipped the picture in through the slats. Now I find him holding and looking at the picture after naps and in the morning when he gets up. If he takes the picture out of his crib he always makes sure he puts it back in there before he sleeps. Its so stinkin' cute. I love it!!

Awwww! My baby loves his Mommy and Daddy!