Thursday, October 26, 2006
Did you ever have one of those days?

When it seems like your spoon just keeps missing your mouth and all you really want is that yummy delicious pea soup.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Tum, ta Tum, Tum, TUUUUUMS
Can you overdose on Tums? Seriously?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
It is 2:46 AM
Sleep. What is sleep? Its certainly not something that is coming easily for me these days. I am just so restless when I'm trying to get back to sleep. I keep tossing and turning. All I can think about is just go to sleep. Hurry. My hours are precious so I need to make the best of them. But my body and mind refuse to cooperate. Its very frustrating.

I don't know what is keeping me up to be honest. I know last week it was the strangeness of being in a hotel and sleeping alone for a change. Then when DH's work was done it was the strangeness of sleeping with someone else again who snores and breathes really loudly, omg, shut up!

What is that I hear? Oh its the sound of someones aquarium playing in their crib. That means that my insomnia has now woken up my 18 month old. Crap! I suck.

Monday, October 16, 2006
Hello there
So we were gone for a week. My husband had to work out of town and we decided to all go with him. It was a fun adventure that I'm not really interested in doing again. We stayed in a nice hotel, a Residence Inn. It had two bedrooms and a kitchen/dining/living room area. It was nice having maids come in and clean the whole place, load/unload my dishwasher, and vacuum. The only thing I had to do was laundry. They even would have gotten my groceries but I'm too picky to let anyone do that for me. There was complimentary breakfast and dinner in the dining room every day. I tell you, I had it somewhat easy. But I definitely missed home. Four hundred miles is a long way to drive with a toddler.

While we were out there my husband got a call from his boss, they wanted to know if he'd be interested in taking another business trip to the west coast this time. He said no. We had have to go out there for a minimum of 3 months, maybe longer. I just hope that they respect his answer and are able to find another option. It seems that he is the only one that knows the program being used at this place so he's their best and only option. My husband is back at the office today and trying to see if they can do the work remotely so he could still do this for his company but not have to actually be on site.

Monday, October 02, 2006
A post
Some crazy shit going down with my family right now. I can't stop thinking about it and worrying. I don't feel like typing about it though.

So a place holder of sorts. Enjoy!